when people clarify what matters
and leverage their strengths,
leaders emerge and anything is possible

David Casullo and Daneli Partners were featured on Syracuse.com!

Proven Methodology

Consistent with the founder’s book Leading the High Energy Culture (McGraw Hill), leaders will gain knowledge of methods and practices proven to have helped the most influential and effective global business leaders become extraordinarily successful.

Custom Programs

Daneli Partners’ unique approach lies within the knowledge and experience of working in mid to large organizations, and with global executive leaders around the world. Programs will incorporate that experience and will be specific to the needs of the individual and organization.

Thought Leadership

As practitioners we have led large teams, developed leaders, and studied leadership throughout our careers. We’ve been influenced by great thought leaders and have curated some of the most inspiring and impactful books, articles, and videos to help all levels of leaders.

At Daneli Partners, our goal is to develop your leaders & drive your organization’s success.

learn • envision • activate • deliver • sustain

Our Leads Process™ helps people clarify What Matters, energizes leadership potential and ignites performance.

Leads™ Process + Gallup CliftonStrengths

Through Daneli Partners’ Leads™ Process and the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment, we empower leaders through self-discovery and awareness of What Matters and their individual innate talents.

Community Involvement & Purpose

Daneli Partners featured in A’ccent Monthly

Daneli Partners was featured in the June issue of A’ccent Monthly – an Observer-Dispatch Publication.

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A'ccent Monthly Cover

Daneli Partners on MyLittleFalls.com

David Casullo speaks at a town hall meeting in Little Falls, New York, about future plans for the town in conjunction with Daneli Partners & Rock City Development. Special thanks to David Warner for the video.

Daneli Partners on Syracuse.com

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We are both proud and humbled: David Casullo was recently interviewed by Syracuse.com. David talks about Daneli Partners’ unique approach to leadership development, his background and experience, and the genesis of Daneli Partners. Read the article

Daneli Partners team

Our purpose is to apply our collective experiences and specialized expertise to develop leaders, ignite their energy, and drive your organization’s success.

how we can help

Every leader is different, and so is your organization. We serve the growth and development needs that are critical to leaders and specific to the challenges that exist in their individual environments. We will provide instruction, coaching, and consulting consistent with the founder’s book Leading the High Energy Culture (McGraw Hill).

our founders book

David Casullo - Leading the High Energy Culture

Leading the High-Energy Culture, by David Casullo, uses methods proven to generate results. Beyond the bottom line, it will reignite your own commitment and passion by giving you a fresh perspective on how to become an energized leader of a charged-up organization.

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