What is AgileBrain?

AgileBrain is a rapid assessment that unlocks the power of human emotions, mapping them across the complete landscape of human needs. These areas are self, work, social and spiritual domains and are ranked up the hierarchy of needs from foundational to aspirational.

Utilizing the AgileBrain assessment, individuals and organizations can significantly improve their understanding of how they and/or their team are really feeling about a targeted question. Daneli Partners uses these findings to help formulate stronger more effective leadership strategies to deliver stronger outcomes and improve culture.

With Daneli Partners and the AgileBrain assessment we can:

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Kickstart Personal Growth

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Improve Team Dynamics

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Develop a Healthier Culture

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Provide Business Insights & Strategy

Why Daneli Partners?

Daneli Partners’ solution-based approach to the AgileBrain assessment data helps leadership determine courses of action to produce better outcomes and results. Our team of certified coaches will help you and your team breakdown and understand the assessment results. We then take the next steps with your organization by utilizing problem-solving exercises that help address the immediate concerns of your team and your organization’s culture.


Bring AgileBrain to Your Team
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Neuroscience has conclusively demonstrated that the decisions we make are driven first and foremost by our emotions, not by our rational thoughts*.

AgileBrain is backed by extensive peer-reviewed research

AgileBrain uses a rapid exposure technique derived from research on the neurology of emotion processing, which finds that we can recognize what we are seeing within about 100 to 200 milliseconds of exposure, which triggers an early emotional response starting at about 500 milliseconds. When it’s been more than 1000 milliseconds since exposure, that’s the brain’s first opportunity to think about what it’s seeing and how it “should” feel. AgileBrain leverages this insight by restricting responses to the period before thinking can occur, which means that responses are primarily emotional in nature, and are free of cognitive filters and distortions, like social desirability.


The AgileBrain Assessment is for:

AgileBrain for Individuals

Our certified coaches walk individuals through their assessment results and get to the root of what they need more of and what they need less of and begin a coaching journey with a deeper insight of their needs.

AgileBrain for Organizations

The assessment can quickly ascertain the areas which are going well and areas of heightened concern for the team members. This information provides a starting point for the team to develop solutions for the most serious concerns. Our certified coaches will help guide that process. The AgileBrain assessment can be taken repeatedly to chart progress and success of those solutions.

AgileBrain Educators & Administration

Educational institutions faces a unique challenge when it comes to addressing school-wide concerns. Teachers of different grade levels and administrative staff, do not often have the chance to meet collectively and discuss shared concerns. The AgileBrain assessment brings those pertinent issues to light and highlights the ones of most immediate concern. This information can then be used to develop solutions with all parties, with the guidance of our certified coaches.

Bring AgileBrain to Your Team
We’ll help you employ your AgileBrain results for solutions that drive success and develop stronger teams.