Just Do YOU: Authenticity, Leadership & Your Personal Brand

by Lisa King

This book will challenge you to become more aware and connect with what matters to you. You’ll learn about the power of branding and determine how your personal brand is reflected today. You’ll become clear on how your true brand intersects with what matters. As a result, you’ll see how you can lead with authenticity and build influence. You’ll gain the tools to confidently live, behave, and share your unique brand with the world.

Just Do YOU: Authenticity, Leadership & Your Personal Brand - Just Released

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just Do YOU.

Kirkus Review of Just Do YOU

“…very effectively demonstrates how to apply the concept of business branding to personal branding. A useful, systematic, and logical approach to leadership development. 

Just Do YOU Book Reviews


“Just Do You is a powerful and compelling book that allows each of us to explore how to be our authentic selves. Lisa has crafted an easy-to-follow framework and guide for self-reflection, to identify how to Just Do You. This is a must-read for people looking to create their own brand in a way that enables their authenticity, and for them and those that surround them to shine and thrive. Congratulations Lisa on distilling authenticity to a guide for all of us to benefit from.”
—Laura Guggenheim, vice president of national sales, Procter & Gamble

Just Do You offers important strategies for life as well as career. Having worked with Lisa and experienced her talent, it is wonderful to see her empowering lessons on the personal brand each of us has, brought together in a narrative that is truly life changing. Take the action. Believe in yourself. Are you ready to achieve excellence? Buy the book!
—Kathy Ireland, chair and CEO, kathy ireland Worldwide

“Great leadership starts from a platform of solid self-understanding.  Lisa King’s book, Just Do You provides the tools to achieve something that goes beyond the intuitive notions we have of ourselves. It encourages us to take chances and look at ourselves from all angles. This is important work. It’s not easy but Lisa takes us through the process in a helpfully structured way. Read the book. Get the workbook. Do the work. You’ll be glad you did.”
—Gwyn Teatro, In the Thick of It: Mastering the Art of Leading from the Middle.

“Having had the privilege of working side-by-side with Lisa for a decade and a half, I know, first-hand, that she practices what she preaches. Putting her behaviors into this work is a gift to all of us striving to be our best leader selves. The world is starving for authentic leadership in this age where media and marketing dominate how we think and, ultimately, act.  Her work is timely. If you lead now, or are preparing to become a leader, this book is essential. Read on to find your true north and let your uniqueness shine. The world needs what you have.
—David Casullo, Leading the High Energy Culture

Rating: 5

“Personal brands can be powerful, especially when they are driven by purpose. The exercises and collection of stories act as a compass to map a direct course of action, to raise the bar in all we do, lead with authenticity and purpose, and create a strong personal brand.”
—Adam Weitsman, CEO, Upstate Shredding

“This is much more than a book about leadership! This is a book of self-discovery. You will discover the person you are and learn how that can be translated into the best version of you as a leader. It’s a powerful road map to bringing out the leader inside of you.”
—Bill Colombo, former president and COO, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lisa’s Goal for Just Do YOU

I have one simple goal for Just Do YOU: Authenticity, Leadership & Your Personal Brand – to share my knowledge and experience to pay it forward by giving the gift that was given to me by all the great leaders in my life. I want to empower you to become the most authentic version of yourself and to encourage you to lead. Connecting with the authentic leader in you begins with exploring what matters deeply to you. When you’re clear about what matters and have done the self-discovery work to better understand what leadership means to you, then —and only then—are you truly ready to authentically lead.

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Author Spotlight: Lisa King

Lisa was a senior marketing and branding leader, C-suite executive, and Managing Partner/consultant for global consumer products companies for nearly 3 decades prior to chasing her dream of launching a business. Lisa’s true passion for developing brands, culture, teams, and leaders to drive business success is the reason she is the co-founder and President of Daneli Partners. She is also a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Her knowledge of professional branding and strengths development empower leaders to clarify what matters and create a successful personal brand that drives professional success.

Just Do YOU: Authenticity, Leadership & Your Personal Brand was published by Ingenium Books