In this critical time in education, quality professional development is an urgent need. Our customized programs utilize strength-based psychology to re-energize educators in and out of the classroom. These programs are designed to maximize teachers’ potential in their individual classrooms as well as the collective faculty, with an emphasis on achievement, leadership, and teamwork.

Through these programs we provide educators and school administrative teams with the knowledge of their strengths to help them navigate the unique challenges of their profession and meet their students needs.



IDENTIFY unique personal strengths

Our customized-programs utilize Gallup CliftonStrengths as a starting point:

Step 1: Each educators will take a 30-minute talent-measurement assessment

Step 2: Educators receive their top 5 unique strength themes

Step 3: Facilitators use each educators’ unique results to craft a personalized journey towards developing these strengths and teaching them how to utilize them in the future in order to maximize success.

IGNITE potential for leadership

Our curriculum is custom-built in collaboration with seasoned educators, professional leadership coaches, and experienced entrepreneurs who understand the needs of students and the power of connection between academia and the business world.

The CliftonStrengths assessments in the Identify stage are simply a starting point to a personalized program created for your specific team’s needs.

MAXIMIZE achievements

Achievements in every facet of life are based on their awareness and implementation of their strengths now and into the future.

When you understand what’s important to you, and how to work with the strengths of your teammates, anything is possible.

BUILD a team-focused culture

We create awareness of individual and team strengths to help groups navigate change, new projects, goals, challenges, and more to increase collaboration and productivity.

Through our programs, we see people begin to understand their peers on a deeper level and have a greater appreciation for their differences.

Ready to Build Your Program?

Connect with us today to learn about our custom programs. Ask us for references from school districts that have utilized our programs.