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David’s passion is developing leaders who have the courage and capability to change the world. A C-suite executive, entrepreneur, leadership coach, and author, David has enabled leaders all around the world to clarify their personal truths, energize their purpose, and recommit to behaving consistently in a way that drives teams and business growth. It is this understanding, driven by his personal purpose, that brings him back home to New York State. David is motivated to act on what he’s learned, to help revitalize the region by influencing and inspiring leaders.

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freedom. service. love.

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My parents. At the time of the writing of my book, I frequently sat quietly in the nursing home where my parents resided, while they bravely lived out their last moments. My mother was in the throes of the final stages of Alzheimer’s, and my dad, dutiful as always, was attending to her needs as best he could while he battled the effects of advanced colon cancer. The slow painful decline, like most challenges in life, provided me with one marginally redeeming reality. Nothing had been left unsaid. There are no regrets.

As I cherished these last few moments with them both, I looked at them and realized their eulogies had already been written by the lives they led. Their legacy was complete… and it was remarkable in so many ways. They had both lived lives that they, and we, could be proud of.

I wish this for everyone and have dedicated myself to this purpose.

Lesson 101 is the most important one…

“You have to first understand who you are and what’s important, then you have to go after it. It doesn’t come by the Grace of God alone.” ~David Casullo

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