Katie Drake Daneli Partners

Katie Drake

Director of Operations & Leadership Presenter

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Katie brings 20 years of experience in sales, communications, and marketing where she worked in a top 100- Fortune 500 Company, WKTV NewsChannel 2, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  In her career, she helped over 600 businesses across Upstate New York to grow and prosper.  Her strong community involvement in the City of Little Falls, coupled with her desire to be impactful in a more meaningful way, led her to the Daneli Team.  Katie leverages her energy, experiences and storytelling to inspire leaders to strive for excellence.

What Matters to Katie

Impact. Our work is meaningful because of our impact helping to shape strong leaders of today and the young leaders of tomorrow

Inspirational Leaders

Malala Yousafzai- this young lady is a true illustration of resilience and strength against all odds. She is proof that age, gender, or circumstances have no influence on your significance or the impact you can make on the world.