Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani

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Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani

Leadership by Rudolph W. Giuliani and Ken Kurson

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Who this Book is Good For: Emerging Leaders

This is a tough one.  For those that have followed Rudy Giuliani from his failed presidential run through his recent public performances, one might say: “Really?” However, when I read it following Mayor Giuliani’s successful tenure as mayor of New York City, it was incredibly impactful.  I was a frequent visitor to New York City in the years prior to Giuliani’s administration. I know how far New York had fallen into disrepair, financial woes, and rampant crime. In a relatively short period of time, his administration moved the city to one of financial strength, plummeting crime, cleanliness, and a new-found level of pride and promise.  Four key areas were employed:

  • Statistical analysis of problem areas
  • High level accountability
  • “Broken Window” theory of policing (focusing on small crimes to set a tone for the larger)
  • A bright and positive vision for the future

The book outlines how the transformation unfolded and provides an excellent foundation that can be applied to everyday leadership situations.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did,

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