Great accomplishments are not reserved for others - high-energy culture

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Great accomplishments are not reserved for others - high-energy culture

Great Accomplishments Are NOT Reserved For Others

by David Casullo author of Leading the High-Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish

“Leaders who understand the power of their own energy and who act to leverage it are special and noteworthy, but this is “not reserved only for others.” You have within you similar power to create a high-energy culture of your own. Your leadership potential is unlimited.”

Creating a high-energy culture is something anyone in a leadership position can do. But how do you do it? Where should you start? What is the most important factor?

Let’s look at what a high-energy culture is, and why it is imperative to your organization’s growth.

When resonant energy permeates the culture of an organization, starting with the leader and flowing through other key members—internal and external—it creates a synergizing effect. This effect brings out the potential of all the individuals it impacts within the organization—customers, employees, vendors, and investors. The leader of high-energy culture marshals the collective intellect and capabilities of all stakeholders and aligns them with an impassioned vision.

You CAN be the change you wish to see in the world.

That sounds great, right? But, you may be thinking, it is impossible to instill that kind of change in my organization, or my team, or my family… they’re happy the way they are. While there’s a small chance that may be true, most likely it’s not. If you’re feeling that it could be better, your organization, team, or family is probably feeling this as well. You CAN be the change you wish to see in the world. It starts with you. Be the change you wish to see.

High-energy doesn’t mean full of energy. But it does mean you have to be positive, create an environment of trust, and have an exciting and compelling plan for the future of your organization. It also means you will need to tell the story in a way that passes your energy to people you want involved. Often times, it starts with being a great storyteller or communicator. Thankfully, great communication that includes great storytelling can be learned and continually expanded on!

Communication is so often the missing link.

Communication is the great unaddressed issue in most organizations today. And it is often where the energy starts to flow! As a leadership competency, communication is more powerful than all other competencies combined. Communication is both visual and non-visual, and it is both an art and a science. It is the message, the delivery, the passion, the timing, reading the audience, and, at the end, driving results. To see a great communicator in action, check out Alan Mullaly, former CEO of Ford Motor Company.  He is a fantastic communicator and storyteller.

The good news is, you can be a high-energy leader. You can learn how to communicate more effectively.

As my colleague, Paul Muench says, “Great accomplishments are not reserved for others.” Paul is a high school teacher and head football coach. He challenges himself as a leader to look for the gift in each of his students and athletes, whether they are exceptional or not. Then he helps to instill confidence so they will each have the courage to pursue their own blessing. Everyone has within them the ability to be incredible, and EVERYONE has within themselves to be a catalyst of change.

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