Jenna Sullivan

Director of Administration


Jenna is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with a B.A in Psychology (Le Moyne College), a MBA and a M.S. in Leadership (Grand Canyon University). Her career journey has taken her through the different landscapes of both startups and corporate environments. With over 15 years of diverse experience spanning learning and development, customer success, human resources, and business analytics, she offers a dynamic blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise. Jenna has a deep-seated passion for helping individuals find their unique path to happiness and purpose. Over the last decade, she’s been dedicated to developing leaders, making a significant impact through e-learning programs and in internal development initiatives. Jenna firmly believes in the power of exceptional leadership, recognizing its profound effects on individuals and organizations alike.

What Matters to Jenna

Helping individuals discover their potential, find happiness, and lead lives infused with purpose.

Inspirational Leaders

Katherine Johnson – “Tell them I’m coming.” From teacher and mother with a fascination for numbers to pioneering space scientist is remarkable. Despite personal challenges, she joined NASA and played a crucial role, calculating launch windows for the first American in space, plotting Apollo 11’s trajectory, and ensuring Apollo 13’s safe return. This serves as a powerful reminder that one’s passion can have a profound purpose in this world.