Clarifying What Matters

When you clarify what matters and have the self-efficacy to make the changes, you can be your best leadership self.

What Matters Nexus

What Matters + Self-Efficacy

When leaders clarify what matters and leverage their strengths, the resulting effect unleashes the power of their energy to inspire others, to make a difference, be their best leadership self, and drive business success.

At Daneli Partners, we have found that alignment comes from the meeting point of your personal, professional and aspirational domains. The intersection of your three Domains is the nexus; it’s What Matters.

In addition to clarifying What Matters, it is vital to layer self-efficacy (or the confidence and belief in one’s abilities) over your Domains. Clarifying is only the beginning, having the confidence to and implement necessary changes required is next.

The Domains

Personal DomainPersonal domain rollover
Professional DomainProfessional Domain
Aspirational DomainAspirational Domain

What Matters: Personal

The single most important factor to your personal development is clarity of your personal truths.

As a leader, you need to start by focusing more that you ever have before on the wellbeing of your own energy. You will become more authentic, more personally satisfied, and more effective when your thoughts and actions are in tune with your own natural frequency.

Find Your Personal Truths in:
• The values that shape you
• The people who impacted you growing up
• Educators or coaches in school

Are your unique personal truths a beacon in the storm of life?

Are you a leader who knows What Matters?

What Matters: Professional

Identify the goals and achievements that are important to you in your life’s work.

When you think about your professional career – are you inspired and energized? Do you create resonant energy within your team and or organization? When you are true to your professional goals and personal truths, your clarity will begin to emerge and energy will eminate from you.

Find Your Professional Goals in:
• What energizes you
• Things you want to make better
• Promotions and team growth

What are your professional goals?  How are you going to fulfill them?

What Matters: Aspirational

Be bold, be courageous and define a future state that you dream of achieving.

What is your desired future state? Do you want to make the world a better place? Are you driven to make money? Does travel have a place in your future? Winning an Iron Man/Woman? Whatever it is, set those aspirational goals up so you know what you are working toward!

Find Your Aspirational State:
• What do you see as a future for yourself
• Make the world a better place
• Build better lives for your family

Have you defined (or even thought of) your aspirational goals?

The result of all this work?

Your Nexus

Define Your Personal Truths, Set Professional Goals and Plan Your Future State =
Your Best Leadership Self!


What’s Next?

Are you confident that your brand is authentic in all areas of your life? Does your team see the same thing your family sees? Defining your personal brand takes introspection and work. Consider your Nexus domains (personal, professional and aspirational) – are you 100% aligned? Where are your areas of opportunity? Are they at home? Work? Where do you need to focus? Think about what you want to accomplish now and in your future.

Read & Download the Workbook

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