Leads Leadership Program

Our Leads Leadership Program helps people clarify what matters, energizes leadership potential, and ignites performance.

Through our Leads Leadership Program, we assess current conditions to learn What Matters, identify gaps, and envision a future state of improved performance. The goal is to activate the necessary steps to drive desired results and deliver your rally cry broadly across the organization to align and engage stakeholders. This proven process will sustain leadership development and energize What Matters.

Leads Leadership Program


We start by creating an awareness of What Matters, identify with a thorough foundational understanding of current conditions to create a needs assessment.


Based on the new awareness, we clarify the leader’s role, align on the gaps, and create an envisioned future state that is consistent with the culture and improves leadership effectiveness.


With a clear understanding of how to move toward the envisioned future state, we will focus on developing the leader and deploying the necessary actions to achieve goals.


We will develop the strategy to deliver the message broadly across the organization. The clear articulation of the envisioned future state will align and engage stakeholders to energize What Matters.


Together, we will define the long-term leadership development health & wellness goals and the personalized ongoing development program.

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Individualized Approach

At Daneli Partners, we approach each leadership and business development opportunity uniquely, based on the specific needs of each individual, organization, and situation. We deliver the lessons that enable leaders in business, education, athletics, healthcare, tourism, arts & culture, technology, local government, and not-for-profits to be an engine of growth and development in their industry, community, and region.


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

–Anthony J. D’Angelo


The Leads™ Leadership Program enables leaders at all levels

Emerging Leaders

Our Leads™ Leadership Program for emerging leaders focuses on the fundamentals of leadership and management training, helping new leaders gain skills that will empower, motivate, and engage their teams to deliver their best efforts and highest energy.

Resources for Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Experienced Leaders

The Leads™ Program for experienced leaders delivers the critical skills that further develop the leader to build influence, collaborate successfully, deliver results, provide strategic direction, and share a vision to inspire and ignite energy with the followers in the organization.

Resources for Experienced Leaders

Experienced Leaders

Executives & Executive Leaders

The Daneli Partners Leads™ Program will inspire executive leaders to have a clearly articulated sense of purpose, develop a winning culture, and motivate and align leaders. They will inspire and resonate with their followers to contribute at the highest level due to a passionate, energized alignment with the purpose.

Resources for Executive Leaders

Executives & Executive Leaders


Our Leads™ Program explores how the most successful entrepreneurs ignite their vision and purpose to create sustainable cultures, great organizations, and passionate followers. It encourages those who are thinking of starting a new business as well as those who wish to take their current organization to the next level to fulfill their purpose.

Resources for Entrepreneurs


What leaders need to exhibit (or be driven to develop) for success in the Leads™ Program

Desire • Purpose • Focus • Sponsorship

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Purpose IconPurpose
Focus IconFocus
Sponsorship IconSponsorship