The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

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The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

Leadership Minisode: Dave Casullo on What Makes Central NY Communities Special

The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

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This special three-part mini-series on leadership is here to give you more clarity and confidence in how to make an impact as a leader that can last a lifetime. Join me and Dave Casullo, CEO of Rock City Development and Daneli Partners, as we share our perspectives and insights on three key areas within leadership.

If you missed our first conversation, The Power of Influence, you can listen in here.

Our second conversation on The Magic of Builders can be listened to here.


This episode is all about what makes Central NY communities special and if you’re listening in from another area of the world, you may learn something that you can apply to your own community as well.


1. How having community as your core focus can drive profound value inside and out.

2. The importance of bringing back the insights and life experiences gleaned when returning to your community to help it grow and flourish.

3. What are grassroots leaders and how do they differ from other leaders out there?

4. What’s the one similarity of our community members who live here and have chosen to return to live here and why it matters?

Sow to Speak’s The Closet Series focuses on bringing topics we often keep in the closet to light so that you feel less in the dark and more relieved, reset, and ready to get out of your head and back into your life.

Because sometimes, the smallest spaces are where the biggest insights emerge.

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