The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

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The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

Leadership Minisode: The Power of True Influence with Dave Casullo

The Closet Series with Kristy Mandour

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This special three-part mini-series on leadership is here to give you more clarity and confidence in how to make an impact as a leader that can last a lifetime. Join me and Dave Casullo, CEO of Rock City Development and Daneli Partners, as we share our perspectives and insights on three key areas within leadership.

First up: Influence. This word carries with it so much power and oftentimes much misinterpretation. Living in a world that is consumed with influencers, it can be difficult to hear the call and gain clarity on how to create true, genuine influence as a leader. We all have our own unique mark and contribution to make in the world. Dave and I share clear and doable ways that you can amp up your influence and implement into your life the minute the episode is done. Enjoy!


What is true influence and why does it matter?

How does storytelling play a part in creating impact and influence as a leader?

How do you begin to lead from your heart and then go to your head?

Why bringing to mind two to three people who made a positive influence in your life helps guide you in becoming a leader who does the same?

Dave shares Bates Communications’ storytelling framework:

1. The Set-Up (The Who, What, Where, When)

2. The Build-Up (Give enough context about the setting)

3. The Scene (The dilemma/challenge moment)

5. The Resolution (What came to be)

6. The Lesson (What was learned)

Sow to Speak’s The Closet Series focuses on bringing topics we often keep in the closet to light so that you feel less in the dark and more relieved, reset, and ready to get out of your head and back into your life.

Because sometimes, the smallest spaces are where the biggest insights emerge.

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